Our team members - in the spotlight

As we start returning back to normal life on the Isle of Man, we have a chat with some of our staff to see how they've been getting on. Find out a little bit more about one of our directors, Nick Kelly.

Introduction - A bit about yourself

I joined Peregrine in July 2007 and I manage the in-house tax and account department. I oversee the preparation of accounts and tax compliance for our clients operating in multiple jurisdictions. Outside of work, I love spending time with my family and when time prevails, I enjoy cycling, motorcycling and snowboarding.

How long have you worked at Peregrine?

13 years.

Why did you choose your career path?

I always wanted to be “in business” since I was little, with no real understanding of what that meant. My Dad was a partner in a local accountancy practice and so I figured I would follow his lead and train to be an accountant. By chance my training was in the CSP industry (with Peregrine) and I don’t think you can get much more “in business” than working in the TCSP sector!

If you weren’t doing your current job, what would be your dream job?

I’m a big fan of motorsport so anything in that area would interest me.

What do you love most about your job?

The thing I love about the work I do, is the variety of clients we have. One minute you can be working on one client in a specific industry then the next minute, you can be working on something completely different. Over the years I’ve been working in the CSP industry, I’ve seen so many interesting businesses. I also enjoy hearing and learning about the jurisdictions our clients live in/do business in.

I think most important of all though, my team are undoubtable the best thing. We enjoy spending time together both inside and outside of work (although we haven’t been able to do this recently!). Until the recent pandemic, we’d get together once a month and do an activity of someone’s choice, taking it in turns to choose what we do – it helps the team bond and also help get to know each other a bit better. It has also been a big help when we’ve had someone new join our team.

Now things are starting to return back to normal (back on the Isle of Man), how did you find working from home?

It was a big change and I missed the social interaction but the added flexibility it offers is great. It would be nice to get out of the house a little more though!

What do you love most about working at Peregrine?

The team and the ethos that I feel everyone buys in to. I really feel like everyone feels part of one team and we all want to help each other to help the business as a whole.

How are you working differently due to Covid-19?

I barely look away from a screen all day. Which may not be too healthy! Even most social interactions are via computer now! Fortunately we’ve been able to pretty well just pick up where we left off in the office and function relatively well.

How are you supporting your clients through Covid-19? How are they finding it?

The global scale of the pandemic has naturally caused concern throughout our client base, even for those who aren’t directly impacted at the moment; there is still the risk that their underlying investments could suffer in the short and possibly long term.

We pride ourselves on our ability to effectively manage our clients’ assets and wealth for future generations, so we have been in regular contact with our clients to address their concerns and manage portfolios effectively.

We are fortunate to have a global professional network that we can rely on to help us to help our clients through these times.

What do you think your biggest opportunities are right now?

To reconsider how we market ourselves and take advantage of the fact people are now almost permanently in front of a screen. If we can develop business from our homes we can do it from anywhere!

What has been your proudest career moment?

Five years ago I was appointed as a director of Peregrine – I’ve been with the business since I was 19 so when I was asked to become a director eight years later, it was a good moment.

Peregrine Corporate Services is licensed by the Isle of Man Financial Services Authority.

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