High Value Asset Management

Whilst the complexities of managing high value assets continues to grow, here at Peregrine we have the skills to assist with the structuring, ownership, protection and management of our clients’ most prized possessions.

We are able to provide a one stop solution for our clients who own or plan to purchase high value assets from art, cars, property, aircraft or yachts. The requirements of merely owning expensive items can become a burden because of things such as inheritance, VAT, capital taxes and due diligence on acquisition and sale.

Using our industry contacts, we are able to assist our clients throughout the entire ownership experience. From ownership, establishing structures and purchasing through to sale or succession planning.

We also have experience in obtaining valuations, asset backed financing and appropriate insurance and protection strategies to give our clients total peace of mind and flexibility.

Services include:

  • Trusteeship;
  • Governance and independence;
  • Directorships;
  • Corporate Vehicles;
  • Asset Management;
  • Administration Services;
  • Accounting Services;
  • Tax and Compliance Support;
  • Financing Support.

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