Succession & Wealth Planning

Protecting wealth is a key focus for all of our clients. We provide a range of solutions to assist clients around the globe to ensure their wealth is preserved, enhanced and passed through generations.

We work with our clients and intermediaries to offer solutions for those clients seeking to preserve and protect their wealth. There are many motivations for protecting their wealth, whether economic uncertainly, risk management or desire to pass wealth to future generations of family.

Our independence, governance and expertise enables us to assist and navigate the complexities of wealth administration. With an ever growing global client base and with a reach into our international professional networks, we ensure clients and intermediary needs can be met on a global scale.

We can assist with solutions for clients around the world including UK non-domiciled individuals, Middle East and South Africa nexus individuals. Our solutions include corporate, trust, foundations and private trust company arrangements and working with key parties in tax and financial fields we ensure value is added.

Services include:

  • Trusteeship;
  • Governance and independence;
  • Directorships;
  • Corporate Vehicles;
  • Asset Management;
  • Wealth Management;
  • Administration Services;
  • Accounting Services;
  • Tax and Compliance Support.
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