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We understand that every client has different requirements so we tailor our advice and services to meet your individual needs

Succession & Wealth Planning

Protecting wealth is a key focus for all of our clients. We provide a range of solutions to assist clients around the globe to ensure their wealth is preserved, enhanced and passed through generations.

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Family Office

Here at Peregrine we have many years of experience dealing with a wide range of structures for high net worth clients all over the world.

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Registered Office & Registered Agent

At Peregrine, we provide both Registered Office and Registered Agent services.

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High Value Asset Management

Whilst the complexities of managing high value assets continues to grow, here at Peregrine we have the skills to assist with the structuring, ownership, protection and management of our clients’ most prized possessions.

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If you own a foreign company or structure and wish to bring it into a more stable, compliant and established jurisdiction, the Isle of Man can offer the perfect solution for your needs.

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Company Dissolution & Liquidations

When you set up a business, you take advice. The same should be said when you are considering the options and consequences at the time when a company is looking at closing down. We can assist our clients in choosing the most appropriate way forward, and handle each stage of the process leading to cessation.

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At Peregrine, we provide a completely independent, international escrow facility to provide independence and security to the parties of transactions.

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e-Gaming, Sport and Entertainment

We can help to remove the administrative burden of managing our clients’ business affairs to allow them to concentrate on what they do best.

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As climate change takes its toll on the environment we recognise the need for entrepreneurs to develop new solutions. We are passionate about this sector and we continue to assist entrepreneurs to develop their businesses and climate solutions, by providing the regulatory and administration support they need to help their ideas become a success.

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